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A full-day birding tour in Merzouga, offers nature enthusiasts and bird lovers a unique opportunity to explore the rich avian diversity of this desert region. Nestled amidst the dramatic landscapes of the Sahara Desert, Merzouga is renowned for its fascinating birdlife, which thrives in the desert oases, acacia woodlands, and around the majestic Erg Chebbi sand dunes.

The tour begins early in the morning, just before sunrise. As the first light of the day begins to illuminate the sky, you’ll find yourself standing in awe at the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. These towering dunes are not only a stunning sight but also a haven for several bird species that have adapted to the desert environment. Desert Sparrows, Trumpeter Finches, and Cream-colored Coursers are among the feathered residents you may encounter here, their melodic calls adding a magical touch to the tranquil desert ambiance.

After witnessing the sunrise spectacle, your guide will lead you to Dayet Srji, a seasonal salt lake located near Merzouga. This expansive lake becomes a vital stopover for countless migratory birds during their journey across the Sahara. As you explore the lake’s surroundings, keep your binoculars ready to spot Greater Flamingos gracefully wading through the shallow waters, Ruddy Shelducks bobbing along, and Marbled Ducks paddling in the lake’s calm embrace. Black-winged Stilts and various shorebirds also frequent the lake, offering excellent opportunities for birdwatchers to observe and photograph these avian visitors.

As mid-morning approaches, you’ll take a break to enjoy a packed breakfast in a picturesque location, surrounded by the enchanting desert landscape. This will not only nourish you but also give you time to appreciate the serenity of the desert and soak in its mesmerizing beauty.

After breakfast, the tour continues with a visit to one of the nearby oases, such as Tissardmine. These lush palm groves provide a stark contrast to the arid desert, attracting a variety of bird species. Among the dense foliage, you may spot Tristram’s Warblers darting between branches, House Buntings adding splashes of color, and Egyptian Nightjars camouflaging themselves against the sandy ground. The vibrant Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters, with their iridescent plumage, are a sight to behold as they swoop through the air in search of insects.

A delightful picnic lunch awaits you in the oasis, where you can replenish your energy while enjoying the peaceful surroundings. The rustling leaves of the palm trees and the chirping of birds provide a soothing ambiance as you savor your meal.

In the afternoon, the tour takes you to the Acacia woodlands located near Merzouga. These woodlands serve as a vital habitat for numerous bird species, each adapted to the desert environment. As you explore this unique ecosystem, you may encounter Desert Larks perched on branches, their melodious songs echoing through the air. The elusive Temminck’s Larks may capture your attention with their distinctive calls, while Thick-billed Larks showcase their intricate plumage. Keep an eye out for raptors like Long-legged Buzzards and Lanner Falcons, which often soar above the woodlands, their keen eyes scanning the ground for potential prey.

As the sun begins to set, you’ll make your way back to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes. This magical time of day casts a warm golden glow over the landscape, creating a breathtaking backdrop for birdwatching. Look out for the enchanting Egyptian Nightjars as they awaken from their daytime slumber, their soft calls filling the evening air. These nocturnal birds are beautifully adapted to their surroundings and can be spotted as they dart around, feeding on insects in the fading light.

With the setting sun marking the end of a memorable day, you’ll return to your accommodation in Merzouga, carrying with you cherished memories of the diverse birdlife and stunning landscapes that make this region a birdwatcher’s paradise. Reflect on the day’s experiences and marvel at the resilience and adaptability of the birds that call the Sahara Desert home.

To make the most of your birding tour in Merzouga, it is recommended to hire a knowledgeable local guide or join a reputable birding tour company. Their expertise will ensure that you have a rewarding and informative experience, as they can identify and provide valuable insights into the avian species you encounter along the way. So, pack your binoculars, wear comfortable clothing, and get ready for an unforgettable day exploring the avian wonders of


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